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Recognized regionally for his “Landscape Quilt” paintings Ron Nordyke is continually using the juxtaposition of objects and ideas to create visual metaphors in his works and searching for “meaning”. He enjoys the awesome beauty of a sky, a landscape, a face, or just something old, weathered, and worn. In some ways they are a lot like the quilts he paints; a little piece of this and a scrap of that. Just as quilts are laid out in patterns of simple repeating shapes, his art has some of these themes that reoccur… and life is a lot like that. Looking for ways to visually express the overlapping of the “natural” God-created world and the “man-made world” fuels his artistic fire.



Discovering Beauty in the Commonplace

I am finding the creation of art takes you on a journey of discovery. Along the way this journey may unveil more of your inner self, some joy, some pain, a passion for beauty, or just appreciation for the “commonplace”. I have called what I do “Discovering Beauty in the Commonplace”. I like to think I’m portraying our “common heritage” by way of visual images. Many of these ideals are universal: the value of hard work and fine craft; the virtue and strength of character that comes from age; the freedom and energy of youth; the awesome regenerating power of faith; the magnificent beauty and diversity of creation; even the thoughts and emotions linked to images from our collective past.


I do love painting landscapes. Living on the high plains, and having the land and sky so much an influence on your daily life affects the way you perceive things. When I paint, more often than not landscape appears. Although I have an unquenchable fascination with land, sky, water, and light, I am constantly drawn also into traditions, and family, or music, or possibly wildlife. I see the American landscape as more than just geography.

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