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Arizona native Jessica Hill, Moved to North Platte, Ne in 2007.  Although she privately created for herself, it wasn’t until her first college drawing class that she knew this would be her career. The classes at Mid-Plains Community College pushed her on a path of creating more realistically and drove her passion for art.  




“I hope my work transports you, whether it’s a memory or a feeling, I hope it takes you there.” 

 - Jess

Jessica, a wife and mom of three, is currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Kearney pursuing a decade long goal of becoming a K-12 art teacher.  In her last semester before student teaching, Jess is looking forward to driving the passion for art in her own classroom. When not in class, Jessica enjoys creating in many mediums.  However, she is most proficient in painting (oil and acrylic), hard pastels, and ceramics. Jessica’s hard pastel “pet portraits” provide a combination of stunning color and realism that really brings her work to life.  Jess finds inspiration in emotions and the world around her and uses the same colorful style in many of her other works, along with a surreal twist.  


Jess has been a part of several community projects such as Pawsitive Partners Humane Society’s “Paws on the Platte”, Girl Scouts Artventure 2020 program, and #inspiringwingsnp. Her work is displayed at several local business and many of her pieces have found permanent homes across the United States. 

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