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Emily Garrick was born in Colby, Kansas, but moved to McCook, Nebraska when in high school. Before that time, Emily had a strong dislike for art (let's blame perfectionist tendencies.) But upon her move to a new school, she was "forced" to take an art class, and she fell in love with creating, even doing commissioned portrait drawings starting at the age of 15.

Emily's original career plans included pre-medicine, but again her college career reminded her of her love for creating, and she instead graduated with a degree in teaching and entered the workforce as an Art Educator. Her hope as an educator was to encourage self-expression, as well as the concrete skills developed in children through art creation.


Though she no longer teaches art in the traditional capacity, she still creates regularly and teaches a Graphic Design course at the local community college in North Platte where she resides with her husband Brad and their son. As a videographer and a portrait artist, Emily enjoys bring others' stories to life. She also likes to dabble a bit in abstract expressionism.


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