From the Artist

I’ve been exploring pastel painting for over 15 years. After a pastel workshop years ago, I discovered that I loved the intimacy of pastels, meaning the art is created with a stick of pure pigment, a bit of binder and my fingers.  I have always loved drawing and pastels allow me the opportunity to draw as well as the ability to create a “painted” finish. 


I graduated in 1980 with a studio art degree.  After the birth of my children, I decided to go back to UNK and add my teaching endorsement. Sharing my love of art with young people has added to my creative experience and these days I find myself looking for ways to experiment and play with the materials.


Most of my art is based on photographs I take while exploring where I live in southwest Nebraska. I have a studio on our farm in the old farmhouse. Lately, I’ve looked for what it is that has drawn me to a scene. Most often it is the light.  Then I use that to alter the scene a little or a lot. I sort of let the painting tell me where to go with it. I’ve had fun exploring color and abstraction in pastels as well as playing with acrylic on canvas with mixed media. I hope that viewing my art will allow you to “see” what drew me to the scene and the beauty that surrounds us in rural Nebraska.